2019 CMS Annual Report

PERSONAL FITNESS OPPORTUNITIES • Open to CMS students, faculty and staff • 20-30 recreation classes per week available • Classes include (partial list): Crossfit, spin, yoga, running, meditation and kickboxing • The first-ever 5c5k PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASSES • 55 different classes • Classes include (partial list): surfing, running, lifeguarding, archery, Pilates, aqua fitness and basketball INTRAMURALS • 17 sports and activities • 32 different leagues • Over 2,400 participants ( 1,150 unique participants) CLUB SPORTS • 28 club sport teams • Competing nationally in 2018-19 : Women’s rugby, men’s volleyball, men’s ultimate Frisbee, equestrian, and the climbing club • National Champions: The Claremont Colleges Lions men’s rugby club won the NSCRO Champions Cup. 14 L IFELONG H EALTH